I began taking photographs using my father's Speedgraphic more than thirty years ago, then graduating to a little 35mm Pentax I bought for two-hundred dollars at Sears.  However, photography at that time was only mild entertainment, soon to be superseded by the birth of my son, Matthew, and many years of child rearing. In late 2012, I thought it might be fun to buy a digital camera that was more than a point-and-shoot. While thirty years ago photography was a mere amusement, with my new DSLR, photography became a passion which has not abated. Street photography seems to hold my attention more than anything else, but it continues to evolve through many phases -- black and white, color, street portraits, and, lately, street composites. You might see me wandering the streets of Ybor City looking for characters and interesting situations, or you may catch me sauntering through downtown Tampa, camera at the ready. I now use a Sony a7R II and have added Lightroom and Photoshop to my list of handy tools. I started out life with a BA in literature from Bennington College and an MA in poetry from Boston University, but now live in an almost exclusively visual world.

You may contact me at susanlouiseanderson@verizon.net.


Featured in Edge of Humanity on-line magazine, January 2016

Group Show, Maze Gallery, Fall 2016

Various Group Shows, FMoPA, 2015 - 2017

One-Woman Show, Kotler Art Gallery, July 2017

First Prize, Tampa Heritage, FMoPA Fall 2017


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